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Artist Biography

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Tara Keegan is a Visual Artist and Participatory Artist, fascinated with the human body and its ability to adapt and change to its environment. Her studio practice explores growth, disease, cells, reproductive organs and the body in time and process. Keegan is fascinated with the effects produced through the projection of self through materials, sculpture, installation and sound. The human body is ever present in her practice revealing the inside and outside spaces of the body. In her work the body’s inhabitation of space and time is fragmented into colour, sound, matter and form.

Creating forms and objects through the medium of soft sculpture enables Keegan to evoke a visceral quality that is inherent in the body; playing with the idea that the work comes alive, a physical representation of her experiences visually and mentally re-creating the world around her. The intention in Keegans studio practice is to create a visual language through corporeal awareness that expresses an embodied experience. Stretching, pulling and prodding the materials in turn stitching, stuffing, squeezing, scrunching, knotting and layering, to create colourful textile mixed medium forms. Micro becomes macro, in turn evoking an emotional response. The internal structures held up and in by the human body, challenging Keegan to work from the inner core to the outer shell. She peels back the body, exploring the idea that these forms having no end or beginning incorporating chance the pieces come alive. This fascination with the micro world has led Keegan to explore sounds inside the human body. The inner body as an autonomous space with its own emotional spatial and physical qualities has been changed forever. This body is charged with emotion and comes alive through the object in the outer world.

Born in Brisbane, Australia, Keegan has spent much of her life in Ireland where she currently resides and works in Co. Clare. She received a BA in Sculpture & Combined Media from the Limerick School of Art & Design in 2017 and an MA in Social Practice & the Creative Environment from LSAD in 2018. In 2017 she represented Ireland in Strasbourg France as part of the Benches for Europe- SPE design awards. Other important exhibitions include Trinity College Dublin ( Sustainable Sculpture Green Week ) 2024, Artlink Buncrana Donegal 2024, Cista Arts Emphemeral Elegance Women in Artistic Reflection 2024, Haus-A-Rest 2024, Process, 126 Artist Run Gallery Galway 2019, Waterford Arts Festival 2017, and Electric Picnic Arts Trails Artist 2016-Present. Keegan is a member of VAI (Visual Artists Ireland), Ormston House Limerick, 126 Artist Run Gallery, Galway. Clare Arts Office, Artist in Schools Programme 2020 - 2023 and affiliated with LIT & the Limerick School of Art & Design.

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