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I operate between two different but interconnecting parallel practices where one informs the other. Coming from a Sculptural background I bring my experience as a Visual Artist, Maker and Performer into my Participative practice by engaging in collaborative processes that can also allow work to evolve over time.

My studio practice focuses on the body’s organic forms, growth, disease, cells and women’s reproductive organs. This connection is live, not just research based but a physical representation of my experiences visually and mentally re-creating the world around me. The intention is to create a visual language through corporeal awareness that expresses an embodied experience through soft sculpture, performance, installation and sound. Our emphatic connection with an emotional response is in the making of objects that reflect this embodied state. While I focus on the physical characteristics of the mediums I use to create my work, I also explore the relationship we have to the objects. Working in a variety of found media and mediums they become a kind of archaeological find of their own.

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