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Social Practice

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My Participative Arts Practice explores a new model for sharing knowledge and engaging in the creative Arts. It centres itself in educating the entire being through an open-ended engaging art making space that is interdisciplinary and transformative while fostering a creative environment where participants have a direct experience. Although artist led it takes into consideration multiple interacting systems which explore the boundaries of art, pedagogy, holism, eastern & western philosophy, psychology and science. Participants develop a sensory awareness through emotional creative actions and expressions while also developing kinaesthetic and cognitive awareness. Participants are introduced to new ways to engage with the arts. This model adds an additional component to contemporary arts education curriculum, institutions as well as many other public and civic sites, adapting and changing to its environment and is an art project in itself.


Part of the ethos of my participative arts practice is to create a space where participants can embrace uncertainty and ambiguity during the creative process. Different spaces create different outcomes and having a mobile art space incorporates the need for a changing demographic, economic and cultural society. Delivering this space to the public in different contexts and having a floating structure enables art to be introduced in many forms. Artistic processes can begin with an empty space and then be filled with conversation, movement and meaning, people being creative, a space where curiosities can be triggered and new ideas can be generated. Bodily movements facilitate creativity, games invite experimentation and risk taking and bring out the unexpected. The space becomes a site for production, stimulating and manifesting new ideas, informing and inspiring, the larger the platform the more possibilities.

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