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Workshops & Collaborations


Jan- Feb 2022, Artist in Residence, Clohanbeg, Cree Co.Clare. Process based interdisciplinary environment art based project.

Jan - March 2020, Artist in Residence Iniscealtra Mountshannon Co.Clare Process based interdisciplinary textile art based project collaborating with students & teachers. 

Dec - 2019- Nov 2020 ART SPACE,  East Clare Community Co-op Co.Clare - Community Integration Projects- Supported by the Department of Justice & Equality - Artist led community contemporary art making space. Collarating with the local community , artists, makers and performers. through a series of workshops & happenings which explore the boundaries of art, philosophy and sciences. (On-going)


Nov 2019 Belonging Meet & Eat Day Community Integration 

Funded by the Ann McGinney Trust Fund Northern Ireland

As part of the Ethnic recipe cafe which took place in May- July 2019 Belonging: A Collaboration of stories, recipe’s, songs, poems and images. The idea being to create a recipe book for the community to take away free of charge while also creating a Meet & Eat day where these recipes can be sampled and shared amongst the community through conversation and exchanges.

Sept- 2019 Interactive Public Art Piece Global Green EP Stradbally Co. Laois

Interactive Public Art piece- 3 day workshop

The public were invited to participate and engage in a workshop that consisted of 28 interchangable canvas boards and footprint cards. These word cards where used to prompt the participants into creating an image or mark that related to some aspect of their life, memory thought process which took place in a set time frame. The canvases provided were then stacked into various forms. This created a collaborative art installation that was ephemeral. After the final canvas was added it was photographed  and work was then erased for the process started again over the eight hour day of 3 days.

Scarriff Community College.jpg
4 to 7yrs journal Cree 2020
Creative Transition 2018 Exhibition Scarriff Library Gallery
Creative Transition 2018
Image 5 Mountshannon NS.jpg
Derg Credit  Union & Scarriff Community College Collaboration 2022
Journals 1.jpg

May- July 2019 Ethnic Recipe Cafe 

The ethic recipe café is using food as a way to activate a space, create conversations, and nurture. There’s a lot of interest in the idea of the food itself being an artwork, As an Artist I am interested in the artwork but I also love to cook, eat, share, create and make food for social purposes. It’s this activity, the process of doing things and the communality that interests me, the food embodies social values. The ethnic recipe café aims to facilitate knowledge sharing, experimenting with innovative sustainable practices, to communicate, think, work, live, and share together. Recipe books & Cook books are remarkably social texts, broadly and closely reflective of big ideas and standards of practice within private and yet Performative spaces.

Sept 2018 An introduction to Body Movement Global Green EP Stradbally Co. Laois

Body Movement workshop – 2 days

The public was invited to participate in serious of movements and collaborations by embodying who we are through slow movements and slow collaborations. When we perceive someone else’s movements in space and the trace forms they create, the information that our visual sense transmits resonates throughout our bodies. Supported by our senses and reflexes, we move and act inadvertently; we are guided by a tacit knowledge. This workshop reflected on the participant’s movement experiences, informing the participant to be aware of and to comprehend the nature of bodily knowledge.

Jan - April 2018 Creative Transition 3 Month Artist Residency Scariff Community College Co. Clare

Creative Transition explored the altered aesthetic of the lived experience through community engagement in Post Primary Schools. Participants connected through aesthetics which evolved as an agent for transformative change through a collective consciousness. ​ Participants were directly involved in the creative process, the learning experience of every group was different. Although the framework was not completely fixed in terms of its structure or theme, the theme we focused on was our environment which was a collective project examining our environment through the transformation of recycled books which largely grounded the aesthetics of the project? As a collaborative art project, the project took the form of a process based exhibition stemming from a twelve week artist in residence programme. 

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